About Us

The Ubertech Difference

Ubertech have specialised in providing professional managed IT services to Australian businesses for over a decade.

Our Roots

Starting as a small business, we have cultivated an understanding of the needs of SME business operations. Our team of experienced staff engage each customer exclusively to help achieve the business objectives through the application of customised and proven IT solutions.

Proven Results

We align our services with reputable technology providers and regularly train to continually improve the customer experience and to keep up with industry standards. We continue to be successful in creating a professional and trustworthy client experience with the goal to promote productivity and reduce disruption wherever possible.


We believe that collaboration keep our teams informed which allows us to keep the client and service provider relationship personal. We simplify the process through utilising cloud services which keep cost to a minimum and IT management uncomplicated. Feel free to ask our sales team for more information.

Why Choose Us/What Sets Us Apart

Ubertech make a positive difference to all our customers through experience and customer focus. We are the trusted IT advisor to over 100 businesses Australia wide and have been for over 10 years.

Flexibility and a Personal Touch

We provide IT solutions that are tailored specifically to your business, be it cloud services or hardware procurement.

Build A Working Relationship

We take the time to listen and speak with you, ensuring that we understand your business goals and deliver on our promises time and time again.

Open Lines of Communication

We guarantee that you are kept informed of your network’s progress throughout its lifecycle, whether it is through a friendly chat with one of our engineers or our periodic reports.

A Solid Return on Investment

We strive to build an enduring relationship with you that adds value to your company by taking the guesswork out of IT solutions and letting you get on with business.