Data & Network Security

Ubertech Provides Intelligent Security Solutions to Protect Your Business
Data and Network Security

As security threats reach greater levels of sophistication, protecting your business network becomes ever more critical.  Within our security portfolio, there is a raft of measures that can be taken to ensure the communications and data that underpin your business are robustly protected.

Our experienced engineers cater to your data and network security needs through a suite of solutions that can be implemented in unison or individually.


The entry of a malicious entity into your network can bring your business to its knees, unnecessarily costing you time and money.  Our proactive anti-virus approach means your network is centrally monitored and managed to block threats such as email worms, network viruses and data theft.

Our use of advanced endpoint technology to detect, prevent intrusion and automatically remidiate protects the critical assets of your business, and all for a similar price to standard commercial anti-virus software.

data protection

The threat of volumes of spam clogging up your mailbox and delivering potential viruses is ever present.  We put a stop to this nuisance by providing broad spectrum protection from intrusions such as email spam, malware and phishing attacks.

Patch Management

Our Patch Management Service is your first line of defence.  It delivers and manages the latest security patches in order to reduce vulnerabilities in your operating system and software.  Third-party patching is expertly deployed to each desktop with coverage of over 90 desktop applications, including high priority software like Adobe, Firefox, Java and more.

We ensure network-wide protection through the installation of the most up-to-date security patches and operating system service packs, and generate audit reports of what application versions are currently installed and what updates are available.

Online Services Available

We are also provider of virtual infrastructure services to micro, small and medium size businesses.

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