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Australia’s health and medical industry has grown significantly in recent decades and gained an international reputation for innovation, high professional skills, and advanced research and development.  The need to deliver health services across diverse areas makes it a global leader in electronic health record architecture.  Clinics and practices rely on robust IT infrastructure to store and retrieve sensitive patient information as well as maintain the management of bookings, and minimise costly downtime.

Our Solutions

We deliver value-added IT services to medical practices and clinics. Our expert technicians are able to deploy, manage and support all the software that the health industry relies on such as Genie, Medical Pro, Blue Chip, Practice Pro and Dox Day Surgery Practice Software. We act as a single point of contact, ensuring you get around-the-clock support from our Network Operations Centre, and have remote access and full systems availability.

Travel Industry

Over the past few decades, tourism has become a critical part of the economy. There has been rapid growth in outbound travel as well as an increase in demand for Australia as a destination, especially from our Asian neighbours.  This boom is being serviced by travel agencies both in bricks-and-mortar and online settings.  To enhance the professionalism and profitability of these operators, it is essential they have dependable and secure IT networks which work efficiently and for a reasonable cost.

Our Solutions

The services we provide to members of the travel industry ensure continued network reliability and help drive productivity.  We fully support travel applications such as Galileo, Travelog and Amadeus, and provide consulting services that deliver assessment, design, deployment and management of your IT needs.  Overseas support, redundancy, and remote access are also available as well as coverage for all Internet and messaging requirements including archiving.

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Our built environment is governed by architecture and the ideas of its practitioners.  Architects combine creative design with technical knowledge to shape the aesthetics of our towns and cities, and in doing so, influence our quality of life.  For architects and architectural firms, the challenge is to bring together the arts, environmental awareness, sciences and technology.  To remain dynamic and competitive, they need an IT infrastructure that is reliable, secure and communications-friendly, and which runs the most up-to-date applications.

Our Solutions

Our clients know us as an honest and dependable IT services provider.  We specialise in the design and management of network architecture, and aim for precision when assessing your requirements.  The software applications central to most architectural firms such as CAD and Synergy are well-known to our skilled technicians and receive assistance.  Your network is available 24/7 and yourdata protected from unwanted intrusions such as spam and malware, ensuring continued operational reliability.

Professional Services

As a large employer and productivity driver, the professional service sector is critical to the health of the Australian economy.  It represents a vast pool of skills, creativity, and experience, and is characterised by a professionalised workforce.  Crossing many industries from business to legal and accounting services, businesses in this sector are dependent on well-managed IT systems to perform efficiently and stay competitive.  Information and communication are central to professional service firms, and require support and security to run smoothly.

Our Solutions

If you are a professional service firm, it is likely IT is at the heart of your business.  Our managed services deliver reliable network availability and around-the-clock advanced performance monitoring, reducing the likelihood of costly downtime.  We also provide security and backup management, as well as remote and onsite support.  Whether you are a traditional professional service provider such as a law or accounting firm, or in emerging areas like management consulting, we offer support for all your software needs, including applications such as LEAP.

other industries

Other Industries

Technology is of the utmost importance for the smooth running of a business today, regardless of the industry it is in.  Businesses depend on the operational reliability of their networks, and if you are a small to medium-sized business, having a dependable IT service provider is the key to minimising downtime and maximising output.

Our Solutions

Our clients benefit from the wide range of services we provide.  In addition to ensuring around-the-clock network availability and coverage for all messaging requirements, including archiving, we deliver remote access services and support for organisational applications such as Seratec.  Our expert team offers assistance with all software licensing and hardware procurement so our clients are supplied with remote devices such as tablets and phones as well as service applications like Salesforce.